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FM transmitters: Talcom-RF is leader in FM digital and analog products.
With 18 years of experience, we design our products to offer you the maximum AC efficiency of the units and the best quality of the audio signal. The GREEN RF™ technology is combined with new 65:1 devices, latest evolution of the world-famous patented COLD-FET™ technology applied on DB’s transmitters.
The GREEN RF™ technology is obtained using the latest generation LD-MOS devices to increase DC to RF efficiency up to 85%, with a drastic reduction of energy consumption. Overall AC to RF efficiency is over 70%.PFG and Digital Series, the new line of FM transmitters and exciters, have been awarded with some of the industry’s most prestigious technology honors,TALCOM-RF  manufactures also analog STL with very low noise and high quality of the received audio to assure the best signal to the FM transmitters.Low maintenance costs, compact design with low weight, high frequency stability in short and long terms and a complete web control of the units are only some of the main features of our FM products.

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