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Wireless SD/HD/3G-SDI Solution with 900m (2,500 ft) Radio Coverage at Line of Sight

The WiMi6200T/R system provides high quality full HD video
and audio over Wi-Fi with 40ms of low encoding delay, which can be a used for broadcasting camera.

It has easy interface for the selection of vacant frequency on the shooting area. It can support 1:4 multicasting over Wi-Fi, also.

The WiMi6200 has wide range of DC power input from 6V ~ 16V for various battery operation. And, it can be directly attable on the back side of video camera through V-mount.

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1080i60/1080p60 HD encode/decode with H.264 Baseline Profile Level 4.2

Very Low Encoding Latency, 40 ms

Supports TV standards DTV: 1920x1080p60/i60/p50/i50/p30/p24, 1280x720p60/p50, 720x480i60, 720 x 576i50.

Popular wireless: IEEE802.11n with maximum distance of 600 m (1,800 feet) at line of sight.

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